Nab computer glitch leaves customers unable to pay bills

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NATIONAL Australia Bank customers are furious after the bank experienced yet another computer meltdown.

Eftpos transactions and ATM withdrawals have been frozen after yet another computer glitch took hold this morning, leaving dozens of people unable to pay for fuel, groceries and bills.

One Twitter user reported being stuck at a petrol station for more than 90 minutes after his card was declined at about 10am.

NAB have been stuck at a petrol station since 10am with no other way to pay.

The bank responded apologetically, tweeting in reply: Were experiencing problems with some of our systems were working to fix it ASAP & well keep you posted.

By 1pm, services were starting to come back online, NAB posted on Facebook. But the tweets from disaffected customers kept pouring in as the banks call centres went into meltdown.

While a trader responded gratefully that their Eftpos machine was back online, many customers remained unimpressed by what was the second outage in a week.

And it appeared that at least one overseas customer was at risk of being stranded with no funds to pay for his transfer to catch an international flight home.

My son is currently overseas and is not able to withdraw money, Maree Trotter wrote. This is a major concern as he is travelling by himself with no access to his money.

Others blasted the bank for the lack of warning.

As a customer I expect an SMS or Email from you explaining when your services are down and you have technical issues so I know my card isnt going to work, Jiordy Hollingsworth wrote.

It is just ridiculous we get no sort of warning unless we are on social media and happen upon your posts.

Fellow customer Ari Frankel agreed, slamming NABs pathetic customer service and arguing that it would take so little time to give notice of outages.

NAB have an app on my phone, my phone number, my email ... Do you know how embarrassing it is to not be able to pay for lunch at a restaurant?

Customers were left without access to funds over the weekend after a separate computer glitch last Tuesday caused transaction delays.